MIP 2 - Session 1

UEFA Executive Master for International Players launched in Nyon
The very first session of the UEFA MIP II took place in Nyon and Lausanne, Switzerland, from 13 to 16 November 2017.
The session, entitled ‘Framework of professional sport’, was managed by Didier Primault, general manager of the Centre for the Law and Economics of Sport (CDES) at the University of Limoges in France. The main objectives of the session were to present the general institutional, legal and economic framework of the European professional sports system and its major challenges; to present concrete examples of management careers of former international players and to highlight the key skills acquired by professional players during their sporting careers and how these might overlap with managerial skills.
The session began at UEFA headquarters on Monday morning with a Welcome speech from Giorgio Marchetti, deputy general secretary of UEFA. He was followed by two former UEFA MIP participants, Nuno Gomes and Dan Romann who shared with us their experience of the programme.
Before lunch, Jean-Christophe Rolland, president of the International Rowing Federation and former professional rower, demonstrated how former professional athletes can use their sporting experience during their second career.
In the afternoon the floor was given to Pedro Pinto, UEFA’s managing director of communications and media, who highlighted the different communication skills that can be used by former sportsmen for their second career. Then Yann Le Moenner, general director, Amaury Sport Organisation, introduced the key skills that managers need and that are gained by professional athletes.
We rounded off the day with the social event, where the participants had the chance to participate in a cooking class and to taste fine Swiss wines.
On day two, we travelled to Lausanne to visit International Volleyball Federation where we could hear from speakers such as Thomas Junod, senior education and research manager at UEFA; Stefan Holm, athletes’ commission member of IOC; Christophe de Kepper, general director of IOC and Tim Pawlowski, professor of sport economics, University of Tübingen.
The main objectives of these presentations amongst others were to make sure that participants understand better the role of IOC and UEFA within the sport movement and to introduce features of team sports economics. These presentations focus mostly on the role of international sports federations, with the examples of the IOC and UEFA, in the organisation and governance of the sport movement. Tim Pawlowski’s group work introduce features of team sports economics.
On Wednesday we visited International Basketball federation where participants acquired a better understanding of FIBA’s role and the new format of FIBA competitions thanks to Andreas Zagklis and Predrag Bogosavljev’s presentations. At the beginning of the afternoon, different economic models of football clubs and national associations were presented by Sefton Perry, head of intelligence centre analytics at UEFA.
A workshop has been organised by Sean Hamil, professor and director of Birkbeck Sport Business centre and Joël Pinson, education programme coordinator at UEFA. This group work session allowed to participants to discover the main stakeholders involved in the European football ecosystem.
We finished the day with a testimony of Jason Roberts, former participant of UEFA MIP I and director of development at CONCACAF.
Thursday’s presentations were given at ECA. Olivier Jarosz, senior manager of knowledge and club services at ECA, welcomed us and presented his organisation.
Andrea Pozzo, founder of Impulse Momentum and executive manager in business management, leadership development and organisational effectiveness, organised a workshop that summed up the most important take away from the week. Then the floor was given to Allan Gaarde, sporting director of Aalborg BKI, who delivered the final keynote speech of the session.
In the afternoon the UEFA MIP I and MIP II participants gathered together for a friendly football game at Colovray Sports Centre.
The week ended with the Graduation Ceremony of UEFA MIP I participants, which took place at UEFA HQ in Nyon. During this evening of celebration hosted by Pedro Pinto, managing director of communications and media at UEFA, 23 graduates received their master’s degree from the University of Limoges.
Congratulations to the graduates of the class 2015 – 2017!!!
The next UEFA MIP II session will take place in Paris from 29 January to 2 February 2018 and will focus on the role and skills of top managers.
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