Individual monitoring and tailored assignments to help you succeed


The assessment process has been specially designed to help and support each participant in his or her academic journey. Moreover, a monitoring system has been developed to meet the specific needs of each participant and put them in the best position to succeed in the UEFA MIP.


You will be assigned a mentor who will support you throughout the whole programme. Mentors can answer questions arising from the different sessions or assignments, help you to build your professional project, advise on internships, provide suggested readings, challenge assumptions and recommendations where necessary, and give you the tools to find a managerial issue to be addressed in the UEFA MIP report. 
Assessment is tailor-made according to your background. It is mostly based on your involvement and oral participation during the sessions, your ability to transfer the skills needed to be a manager from your former role, your contribution to the dynamics of the group during the case studies and group exercises, and your ability to develop a professional project.
In addition, through different exercises, you can experience real-life situations and learn how to work within a team to find solutions together and share knowledge and skills. The following exercises are usually used during the UEFA MIP:
• Case studies & workshops
Participants are divided into groups and receive a case study on a real-life issue from the sporting world encountered during the session. You suggest solutions and give a presentation to the other groups. This exercise will help you improve your communication skills and will give you more confidence when speaking in front of a large audience. It will also enable you all to gain first-class knowledge on key issues, to work as a team and to improve your persuasion skills and ability to compromise.
• Simulation
This exercise will enable you to simulate normal operations and incidents during real-life situations, such as the activities and roles involved in organising a UEFA 
Champions League match or running a project within one organisation over several months. It will give you an insight into the decision-making and communication process, testing your ability as managers to successfully implement activities and projects and manage incidents when they occur. 
• Shadowing
Participants will be divided into small groups and will shadow the different venue staff involved in a UEFA club competition’s game. You will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of UEFA experts. This complements classroom learning, as you will get to experience first-hand what it takes to be a leader, thereby furthering your own managerial skills.
Participants have access to an e-learning platform to deepen their knowledge and go into further detail on some issues tackled during sessions. The UEFA MIP uses top-class content that UEFA and academic partners have already developed for programmes such as the UEFA Certificate in Football Management. This educational tool is optional and used at the participants’ discretion.
You must do individual work in addition to the group work and continuous assessment. The UEFA MIP mentors provide continuous assistance throughout this work, especially for the UEFA MIP report.
• Professional project presentation
During the induction day, applicants present the professional project that they would like to pursue. With the support of the UEFA MIP team and mentors, who provide advice and tools, you will be required to present your professional project again during session 2. This will enable the UEFA MIP team and your mentor to get more information on your future career plan and to give you tailor-made guidance throughout the programme. It will also help the UEFA MIP team to assess your strengths and weaknesses and the skills you would particularly need to improve during the programme. 
• UEFA MIP report
The UEFA MIP report is neither a university thesis nor a master’s dissertation. It is part of your professional career plan. You must write a report tackling a specific managerial issue that is relevant to a sports organisation and/or the sports industry as a whole. This report must be defended orally at the end of the programme, before the UEFA MIP examination board. The aim of this work is to help you increase the value of your experience by applying your knowledge and practical experience to concrete issues encountered by managers and organisations in the sports industry. It will also enable you to define your professional goals and outline your contributions to sports management with reference to a specific issue.
You are required to gain practical experience in a sports organisation. If you are not yet working for such an organisation, you must therefore undertake a work placement lasting at least three months. The objective of the work placement is to finalise your individual career plan and help you to find the perfect job for you. The UEFA MIP team can provide assistance in finding placements, which can be highly flexible and completed in stages or over three consecutive months.